I deliver engaging, interactive keynotes and workshops that share why drawing is such a powerful thinking tool — and concrete, accessible hows that get your people immediately picking up paper and pen to make meaning of their work and your event.

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View my 2013 TEDxWindyCity talk, Shape Your Thinking. >

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I lead visual thinking workshops open to the general public. A complete list of upcoming events is over here >

My signature program is The Lab, a three-day immersion into visual thinking through the lens of graphic facilitation. Current Labs are FULL, stay tuned for the remaining 2018 dates.

Ready to get off the Resolution Rollercoaster? I've got a different approach. LIVE online sessions Jan 11 & 14, along with videos. Registration is open, details here >

Join Amy, Mary Alice and I for an introductory ONLINE course in visual tools. Sessions begin March 5. Registration is open, more details here >

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The Brandyfesto (PDF) s an introduction to my work and ideas.

My second book is written for those of you who want to reclaim drawing as your best thinking tool.
All you need is paper, pen and The Idea Shapers!
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For two decades, I have worked as a graphic facilitator; the one person in the room mapping out the conversations and presentations for a wide variety of clients. I transform your discussion into a tangible drawing that frees your best mind to focus, make more connections, generate new ideas and understand their work in new ways.

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At age two, I started drawing and I haven't stopped yet. In this section, you can see galleries of my many personal projects across drawing, printmaking, photography, sewing, ceramics. Anything that lets me think with my hands.

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