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To contact me, email me at

NOTE: I'd really love to hear from you. I'm pretty darn busy a lot of the time. I'm not nearly as quick to respond as I'd like to be. If your request is time sensitive, please tell me. I.e. "I'd love to hire you for my event on the X of the month." "I'm requesting reprint permission for Y publication date." Thank you!

Also, the more specific your email/question the more likely it'll be responded to.

"Tell me more!"
Click here to sign up for my Brandygram video updates. Clicking will open in a pop-up window, so please allows pop-ups for this page.
My schedule fluxuates, so my Brandygrams are sporadic. And I NEVER sell or share your email.

"Where can I find you?"
I'm a big social media fan. You can connect with me and follow me through these sites. They are listed from most active to least active.

< If you see my avatar, you've found me.

I tweet a lot. Both personal and professional news and non-news.

I post my Brandygrams on YouTube. The surest way to get them in a timely manner is by signing up for them. They all live here too, alongside some Show & Tell videos.

I am a lady, therefore I love Pinterest. Completely love visiting my pin feed and finding beautiful things to repin.

Call me old fashioned, but I reserve my personal Facebook page for people I have met. Everyone is welcome to my Loosetooth.com page on FB.

I've shared pics on Flickr since 2005. I've got tons of project, travel and pet pics to peruse.

Twitter has brought me far more work than LinkedIn has, but I still cover this base.
  "Where are you, really?"
I'm in Chicago, Illinois in the middle of the USofA. Sorry, no store or public space to share with you. If you're doing business with me and need my mailing address, please email me.

"What? No phone number?"
Nope. I love most technology, but not telephony. I only have one phone number, my home phone, and that's not going on the site, thanks. Please email me.

See you in cyberspace,
Brandy Agerbeck.

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